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Peer Sorensen Acacia Wood Slim Line Curved Cutting Board (3 Sizes)

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Acacia is a richly grained hardwood that bears its own unique grain patterns. Peer Sorensen boards have been treated to preserve the soul and individuality of the wood. Durable enough to withstand heavy daily use, this environmentally sustainable hardwood has excellent anti-bacterial qualities, looks great and wears really well. Both sides of these amazing boards are designed to be used, so make sure you turn them over periodically to allow for even usage to both work surfaces. Featuring an engraved Peer Sorensen metal hanging eyelet to add another storage option for your board. All these boards have a 12.5mm thickness.

Care Instructions:

  • Never soak your board in water or place your board in the dishwasher. After each use, simply rinse with a wet sponge using hot water and a little bit of mild dishwashing liquid and dry with a towel. It is fine to use a good steel scraper or spatula after use, as necessary, to keep the cutting surface clean and sanitary. Do not use a steel brush or steel wool on the cutting surface of your board.
  • Periodically (once every several weeks if used heavily or depending upon the household conditions), apply an even coat of mineral oil to the work surface of your cutting board. Sponge on with a rag and let dry. This oiling applies a nice moisture barrier.
  • DO NOT allow moisture of any type to stand on the block for long periods of time. Don’t let fresh, wet meats lay on the block longer than necessary. Always thoroughly clean your board after cutting any type of raw meats.



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