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Staub Cast Iron Round Cookware 4 Piece 24cm Set Cherry Red

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Staub Cherry Red cast iron Cocotte’s interior features a black matte enamel finish that requires little seasoning over time & is more resistant to scratches and chips.

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The clever designers at Staub have combined some of their favourite pieces in this ingenious stackable set.

Starting with the original cocotte they have added a smooth-surface frypan and a deep braiser plus a 24cm universal lid. This is a true heritage collection to use for a lifetime and then pass onto the next generation of cooks.

The special lids lock in moisture, ensuring that the food is basted evenly and continuously to create the most delicious dishes. During cooking, these nodules collect moisture that drips back evenly into the food, giving a deliciously, succulent result, intensifying flavours and retaining the aromas and vitamins within the food. The Staub self-basting system in the lid is 9 times more effective than conventional lids. 

The STAUB cocotte combines traditional craftsmanship with modern functionality for unique enjoyment.

Thanks to its material – cast iron which is ideal for low-heat cooking,  – the Cocotte – Dutch oven retains heat or cold for a very long time and offers an equal heat distribution eliminating hot spots. The smooth bottom is suitable for use on any cooking surface, (including induction) without scratching the surface of your cooktop. Staub is perfect for cooking professionals, cordon bleu chefs and the curious home cook who wants to discover the benefits of healthy and tasty cooking.  

All Staub pieces are suitable for use from oven to table, making a lovely presentation showpiece to impress family and friends. Staub Cast Iron cookware is made in France using a sand mould that is destroyed after each piece is made, meaning every Staub piece is totally unique.

This 4 piece set is available in black


  • This ultimate set includes a cocotte, braiser, fry pan, and universal lid so all your cooking requirements are covered in the one place
  • Designed with distinctive sloped sides for streamlined space-saving nesting
  • Attachable rubberized bumpers protect from scratches
  • Staub cookware interiors are crafted from cast iron with two layers of glazed enamel making the cookware rustproof, and easy-to-clean.
  • The rough matt interior becomes non-stick in time and gets better as it ages. This texture assists in optimum searing and browning
  • Shot-blasting the surface before coating in enamel (like sanding between paint coats) creates a tough, long-lasting surface
  • The self-basting lid (check out the spikes that accelerate this process) ensures a rainfall-like effect of moisture continuously dripping down onto the cooking food
  • This means your ingredients do not dry out during long slow cooking periods and food flavours are more intense, not diluted by too much liquid
  • Ideal for braising, boiling, stewing, baking, searing and slow cooking of meat, fish or vegetables
  • Black matte enamel interior requires very little fat for frying and intensifies the flavour of the dishes
  • Cast Iron is a great heat retainer and provides equal heat distribution
  • Special lid lock structure features self-basting nodules for continuous, even distribution of juices throughout cooking
  • Decorative, nickel-plated lid knob made of brass – heat-resistant up to 250°C
  • The Cocotte can be used from -20°c to 250 °c but should be heated slowly.
  • Tough, chip-resistant enamel coating, inside and out.
  • Energy-saving cooking suitable for all heat sources including induction
  • Made in France using sand moulds



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Staub self-basting system efficiency: The rainfall effect

Located in Alsace France, Staub is a manufacturer of superb quality Cast Iron cookware. The company was founded by Francis Staub in 1974. Staub offers an extensive range including cocotte, frying pans, terrines, grill pans, mussel pots etc. Traditional materials and manufacturing processes are used to conserve the authenticity of the brand and the overall cooking experience. Staub has become the benchmark for enamelled cast iron cookware and is the reference brand for some of the world’s greatest chefs including Paul Bocuse


Cherry Red


Enamelled Cast Iron

Care Instructions for your Staub Cocotte:


  • We recommend washing by hand
  • Once you’ve removed the labels from your new piece of Staub cookware, rinse it with warm water and dry thoroughly
  • Wipe a small amount of oil around the inside and heat the pan over a low temperature until most of the moisture has evaporated.
  • Once cool wipe away any excess liquid and it is ready to use
  • Allow to cool down completely before cleaning. Pouring cold water onto a hot dish may cause it to crack from the thermal shock.
  • For stubborn residue, soak in hot water and white vinegar for a few hours.
  • After drying, brush the inside with a little vegetable oil to maintain the black matte finish.


  • For best results use low to medium heat
  • If you want to use high heat (to sear a steak) bring your Staub cookware up to the higher temperature slowly
  • Never leave your empty Staub on a hot element empty, the surface may crack and bubble

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